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OMSI Vienna F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements for this simulation?

You need the main game OMSI 2 - The Omnibus Simulator to run the Vienna add-ons.
Furthermore, we recommend you a Windows PC with the following hardware:

Which OMSI 2 version do I need to run the Vienna add-ons?

The Vienna add-ons were explicitly based on the technical state of OMSI 2 with the possibilities of OMSI 2.3.

Where is the add-on available to purchase?

Look at our product overview and choose the right product for you! You will be directed directly to the Aerosoft shop.

Is there a manual?

Of course. In the download version of the PC simulator will be included in electronic form both a handbook with important information and specific explanations.
In the box version there will be a printed booklet included.

Are the passenger voices accordingly Viennese?

Yes. Our add-ons included shots of passenger voices with Viennese expression of genuine Viennese.

Do the AI trams take passengers with them?

Yes they do and also have opening doors and animated functions. The metro was not equipped with opening doors for performance reasons, as these are not within the immediate focus.

Can I control the AI train by myself?

We have to remain that this is a bus simulation. But you can take place in the cab and explore the prospect of a tram or subway rider and steer the vehicle even rudimentary (ULF). The cabs are rudimentary rebuilt to save performance. But when hidden Goodie it's a fun way to explore a small part of the route.

Our support thread in the official OMSI-Forum

Take a look at our Support thread in the official OMSI-Forum. Your question may have been already answered there. Unless we look forward to your questions and answer them and other users with the same issues can benefit from it!

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