Be a busdriver by yourself!

Have you always dreamed of being a bus driver? Now you can transport your passengers on the streets of Vienna safely through the city! Drive with a faithful generated bus of Wiener Linien through the capital city of Austria. So get behind the steering wheel, close the doors and off we go!

A bus simulator with features like in real operation

Our OMSI Vienna add-ons were developed in cooperation with the Wiener Linien and are officially licensed. Buses are animated with many functions as in real operation - and there is much to discover!

Above all, the original stops announcements of Wiener Linien is a unique highlight of the bus simulation. AI cars, buses, trams and subways, you meet on the route, rounds off the scenery perfectly and guarantee fun for many hours!

The OMSI Vienna add-ons

Omsi Wien
In the first Vienna add-on you transport your passengers on the busline 24A from the center or from Kagran or Kagraner Platz to the outskirts in the 22nd district of Vienna. The mixture of area with many buildings and idyllic outskirts settlements with fields makes the flair of this busline!

Here you have two different types of buses available:
  • NL 205 (the first low-floor generation in Vienna)
  • LU 200 (the last high-floor generation in Vienna)

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The second Vienna add-on also starts from the center or from the Kagran or Kagraner Platz and leads to Hausfeldstraße. The busline 23A is a demanding and now a historical line. By its strong frequency on weekdays it's a real challenge to keep up with the timetable.

This line is operated by articulated buses and you have two different bus types available:
  • NG 235 (the first articulated low-floor generation in Vienna)
  • GU 240 (the last articulated high-floor generation in Vienna)

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How OMSI works

"OMSI 2 - The Omnibus Simulator" is the main game, which runs our Vienna add-ons. It's probably the most realistic bus simulation game for the PC, which allows you to realistic drive the bus by yourself!

In OMSI much emphasis is placed on the original replica of the vehicle and the control elements. So here you expect both a real transmission control as well as a realistic soundscape of buses. The developers of OMSI also have placed great emphasis on a realistic and authentic replica of the track environment. Many animated objects and a dense road await you and allow a realistic gameplay with plenty of variety.

The perfect combination: OMSI 2 and our add-ons give you the realistic bus simulator for Vienna.

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced fan, with the OMSI Vienna add-ons you can expand your OMSI 2 perfectly, explore varied routes with interesting and perfectly reconstructed buses and bring the passengers safely and on time to their destination!


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For those who always wanted to fulfil the dream to become a bus driver, here is your opportunity! With the Vienna add-ons for OMSI you can experience the realistic operation and steer the faithfully builded and licensed buses of Wiener Linien by your own!

Start right now!

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About Wiener Linien – the public transport company in Vienna

The OMSI Vienna add-ons were developed in close cooperation with Wiener Linien, the public transport company in Vienna. Therefore, the add-ons are officially licensed. In our add-ons Vienna 1 & Vienna 2 we used faithful generated vehicles, routes and stops announcements like in reality.

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